What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a weekly newsletter to learn about curated projects being developed by members of your favorite NFT collections.

NFT collections are only as strong as their community members. With the movement towards CC0 and IP owned by NFT holders there is a revolution starting where community members are incentivized to create projects built around this IP. Right now there is no way to discover these projects and support the community with them. 

We created this newsletter that highlights the great projects forming around these communities and the community members that are building them.

What types of projects should I submit?

We want all types of projects that are being developed by community members that hold NFTs of any NFT collection. These types of projects include things like events, merchandise, content, groups, software, hardware, etc.

How do you decide what to feature?

We look at the NFT collections that each project is associated with, the account associated with the project, who follows the project, and how active community members have responded to the project.